8413 - Detective Stories [ 2002. Solo testo. 225 pagine ] Disponibile Disponibile presso: Agorateca
Margery Alligham, Edmund Crispen, Arthur Conan Doyle, Austin Freeman, Julian Symons, Edgar Wellace

Black Cat

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Arthur Conan Doyle - Silver Blaze
R. Austin Freeman - The Misterious Visitor
Edgar Wallace - The Treasure Hunt
Edmund Crispen and Geoffrey Bush - Baker Dies
Margary Allingham - Three is a Lucky Number
Julian Symons - The Murderer



This collection of short stories illustrates the development of the English detective genre. It begins with Conan Doyle's godlike master sleuth Sherlock Holmes: Holmes' powers of observation, rationality and scientific deduction represent the Victorian world thrumphing over 'mysteririous' forces aiming at the distructon of society. Next comes the Golden Age of crime fiction: here the ideological element disappears and the detective story becomes an intellectual game. Finnaly comes the modern period: modernity sees the challenge of traditional values. The spotlight is turned on the criminal, an anti-hero living in a world which is no longer to be regulated, as in Victorian times, but which is to be analysed and understood.

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