37623 - The Murder Exchange [ 2009. Solo testo. 448 pagine ] Disponibile Disponibile presso: Agorateca
Titolo originale
The Murder Exchange

Simon Kernick

Corgi Books

Narrativa in lingua, Thriller

A partire dai 14 anni

Five grand for a couple of hours work?
It seems easy money, but the deal ex-mercenary Max Iversson is chasing has gone disastrously wrong.
Two of his friends are dead.
And now he wants to find out who's behind their killings.
Detective Sergeant John Gallan is also looking for answers.
He's investigating the fatal poisoning of a nightclub doorman. But leads are scarce and, when they do appear, so do bodies.
As Iversson struggles to stay alive, Gallan keeps on digging, unearthing in the process a shocking crime that's been unsolved for a long, long time.
What neither man knows is that they are heading towards a devastating confrontation that will see one of them staring down the wrong end of a gun.



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