25081 - Legami! [ Spagna. 1989. Colore. Durata: 101 minuti ] Disponibile Disponibile presso: Agorateca
Titolo originale

Diretto da
Pedro Almodóvar

El Deseo

Commedia, Crimine, Drammatico, Romantico

Vietato ai minori di 18 anni

Ricky, a 23-year-old psychiatric patient, has been deemed cured and is released from a mental institution. Until then he has been the lover of the woman director of the hospital. An orphan, free, and alone, his goal is to have a normal life with Marina Ozores, an actress, former porn star, and recovering drug addict, whom he once slept with during an escape from the asylum. Ricky discovers Marina’s whereabouts from a film journal announcement of the start of her next film. He goes to the studio where Marina is in her last day at work filming The Midnight Phantom, a Euro-horror film about a hideously mutilated, masked muscleman in love with Marina’s character. The film is directed by Máximo Espejo, an old film director confined to a wheelchair after a stroke. Máximo is a gentle mentor to Marina and threatens to throw out a journalist who mentions the words "porn" and "junkie" in Marina’s presence. His protection of the actress is not completely innocent since he is sexually attracted to Marina and lusts after her, enjoying what could be his last experience of directing a sexy female lead.

Attori principali
Victoria Abril, Antonio Banderas, Loles Leon

Inglese, Spagnolo


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